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So many songs are now trending on Instagram and it is helping so many less-popular singers. All thanks to Instagram. Here, music artists can upload their audio and make reels on them. It can help them reach millions of views and may boost their career. Well, if you are here to download an Instagram Audio, then this post is for you! With Instagram Audio Downloader Tool, any audio on Instagram can be downloaded. Our tool converts videos and reels to MP3 as well.

What is Instagram Audio

What is Instagram Audio?

Is it Lovely by Billie Eilish or Another Love by Tom Odell, we all love listening to audio and Instagram helps us find some of the best music on the planet, most of the time because of its Audio/Reels. Whenever we scroll through Reels or just our Instagram Feed, we see lots of new content with new music, and we probably want to download them but it is not possible. Instagram doesn't provide this feature to anyone. However, we can save the audio to our library. There, we can access all of our saved audio/mp3. Hence, we can make new reels with that audio too. In this post, we have explained the best method to download Instagram Audio with the downloader tool. Keep reading for more info.

Why Instagram Audio Downloader Helpful for You?

So, you found an amazing Instagram Reel and you probably want to download its audio but no way, you can't do it. Here, our tool comes to help which is Instagram Audio Downloader offered by You can download any reel music you find on Instagram with this tool. Also, it also works as a converter. You can Convert Videos & Reels To Mp3 with this tool. Check its feature explained right here.

Instagram Audio Downloader Guide

Step 1: Select the Instagram Reel, Video, or IGTV & Copy its Link

The first step is, please locate the Instagram Reel or video, or any IGTV video. If you want to download its audio, tap on the three-dot icon and select copy link/URL. After copying its link, you can close Instagram.

Download Instagram Audio Easily guide

Step 2: Open Instagram Audio Downloader by

Now, visit our website and select the audio downloader tool. Make sure you open the only one precisely as there are other tools too.

Step 3: Paste the Link

Now, paste the link in the search field (or search bar).

Step 4: Preview the Audio

After a few seconds, you can preview or listen to the audio.

Step 5: Download/Save Audio in the Device

Download Instagram Audio Easily guide

After making sure, it's the same audio that you wish to download, you just have to tap on the download button or save button. It will start downloading the audio and then you can save it in the device storage.

Note: As this tool (Instagram Audio Downloader) works as a converter, it means whenever you will put an IGTV, or Insta Reel/Video into it, it will convert the whole video and extract its audio. If you just want to download the full video or reel with video as well as audio, you can choose our Instagram Video/Reel Downloader tool.

Features of Instagram Audio Downloader

Convert Videos And Reels To Mp3

Want to just extract the audio from Instagram videos or reels, you can use this tool. It's free to use and the best option for you. It can convert almost all types of Insta Videos to MP3 including IGTV, Reels, Videos, etc.

High-Quality Sound

People love high-quality sounds, so why download audio with poor quality? Well, that's not the case with our Instagram Audio Downloader. With this tool, you can download or extract the original audio.

Safe to use

Instagram Audio Downloader is safe to use and there's no issue using this tool. You can use it on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Save Audio in Device

As Instagram doesn't give us this feature to save the audio to the device. You are free to use this tool. Whenever you wish to download audio from Instagram Reels or Videos, you can open our tool from your browser and paste the video link. Then, you can save the audio in the device storage.

Note: is not affiliated with Instagram™ and does not host any of the media on our servers all the media content is delivered through its original source and belongs to their respective owners.

Helpful FAQs of Instagram Audio Downloader

Que: What is Instagram Audio Downloader?

Ans: It's an audio downloader tool for Instagram. For example, there are millions of videos/reels on Instagram. But, you can't download audio or songs but with this tool, it is possible.

Que: Is it safe to use Instagram Audio Downloader?

Ans: Yes, it's completely safe to use our Instagram Audio Downloader. It is simply codded by our developer. It is fast and secured too.

Que: Can I use the audio in my Instagram Reels?

Ans: Yes, you can use the audio in your Instagram Reels but make sure you have the permission of their owner. If the audio is publicly available, there won't be any issue. But if it's someone, like personal audio, please don't use it.

Que: How to download audio with Instagram Audio Downloader?

Ans: You can visit our website and then go to the Instagram Audio Downloader, from there, you can put the reel or video link in the search field. After a few seconds, you can download the audio. It's easy and simple.

Que: How many tools are offered by

Ans: We offer many Instagram tools such as Instagram Audio Downloader, Instagram Reels Downloader, Instagram Video Downloader, IGTV Downloader, Instagram Stories Downloader, and many more.

Que: Do I have to pay any charge to use this feature?

Ans: Nope, all our tools are free to use and there won't be any charge lifetime.


Thanks for reading this article on Instagram Audio Downloader. It's a great tool offered by us. With this tool, you can easily convert any Reel, IGTV, or Instagram Video to MP3. Also, you can save or download the audio as well. It works on almost all platforms including Android and iOS, PC, etc. There are many features of this tool as well such as HD Quality Audio, Reel, IGTV to Audio Converter, etc. If you love to use our tool, make sure you tell us this in the comments section.

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