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Save anyones Instagram stories with a single click on your smartphone. With high quality, fast and secure download.

Instagram Story is an amazing feature offered by Instagram. But users can't download it without any third-party apps. But it is now possible with Instagram Stories Downloader Tool which is only created for this purpose only. View stories or save them locally on your device. Works on all major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, etc. The best feature of this tool is that users can download Instagram stories in the original quality and with no watermark. instagram story saver

What is Instagram Stories?

If you have heard of WhatsApp Statuses, you should know about Instagram Stories too. On Instagram Stories, users with an Instagram account can share text messages, photos as well as videos that will display on their profile when someone taps on it. They are like the status which keeps active for 24 hours and gets deleted automatically unless you put them on highlights (so, it will stay permanently). Your followers can see your Instagram Stories and you will know who saw them. So, if you are looking for downloading Instagram Stories on your device and save them permanently, you are welcome to this web page. Think, we have friends who put their Instagram Stories and we love to keep them forever, but we can't download them as Instagram doesn't offer this feature. But don't worry, keep scrolling to know more.

Instagram Stories Download Guide

Step 1: First of all, open reelssaver.org on any browser that you like. We suggest opening Google Chrome (for Android) or Safari (for iOS).

Step 2: Now, tap on the home button and open Instagram. From there, go to the user's profile which story you want to download. instagram story saver guide Step 3: Please copy or remember the Instagram username of that account.

Step 4: Now, open our Instagram Stories Downloader tool and write the username in the field.

Step 5: After a few seconds, the stories will appear that the user put on their profile. If they have put multiple stories, you can see them all by scrolling. Also, there will be a download button that will download any of the Instagram Stories you want to download.

Step 6: After choosing the story, tap on the download button or saving button to keep the Instagram Story forever on your device. instagram story saver guide done

Note: Please make sure the user's story you want to download, and his/her account is set to public mode. We won't provide downloading Instagram Stories of users with a private account (I know it's not so cool but it's the rules).

Instagram Stories Downloader Features

Before you using this amazing tool you should know all about the features that we offered here.

Original Quality

When you download Instagram Stories with our tool, it downloads them in the original quality. It's a great feature of this tool.

No Watermark

There will be no watermark if you download Instagram Stories with this tool. It will look like the original.

Secretly Watch/Download Story

You can secretly watch stories of people with this tool. Also, you can download them by just putting the Instagram username in our tool. To take advantage of this feature, only use it on people with a public account and it doesn't work for private accounts.


Instagram Stories Downloader is a free-to-use tool and it requires no pricing or any fee. You can use it to download unlimited Instagram Stories for free.

Note: reelssaver.org is not affiliated with Instagram™ and not we host any of media on our servers all the media content is delivered through its orginal source and belongs to their respective owners.

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Thanks for reading, I hope you have downloaded the Instagram Story that you wanted to save. So, what do you think? Do you love this tool? We hope you do. Share this Instagram Stories Downloader tool with anyone who is looking for it. It is free, simple, and reliable. With this tool, you can save Instagram Stories in the original quality, also, you can do it secretly, and the other person will not know about it if you download/watch their story with this Instagram Stories Downloader tool. Have a good day!